A shared passion and feel, for the beauty of the sea and underwater photography resulted into a project, Seadrops, by Guillaume Bihet and Wendy Timmermans. Capturing brief moments of our underwater experiences, mere little drops. With only natural means; natural light and on one breath, while freediving, both in front and behind the camera. Freediving gives us the perfect tool, to move around freely, use the eye and improvise when needed. As the underwater environment and human interaction with, is very dynamic.

Wendy is a Freediving Instructor Trainer, 18 times Dutch National Record Holder, a top ranked freediver over the last decade, who runs Total Freedive, a freediving school in Dahab, Egypt. Her passion for water started from young age, as a competitive swimmer. Eight years ago she started with underwater photography with simple compact camera, mainly shooting pictures of marine life, which became a real passion. Later on she started to focus more on shooting freedivers, for example during the RedCcup, where you can find her work on www.redccup.com.

Guillaume is a Software Developer, previously Naval Engineer and Professional Sailor,  Freediving Instructor, deep freediver and passionate photographer. Born and raised in Brittany, France, he always had a strong connection with the sea and with photography,  developing black and white analogue films at young age in his home studio and chasing birds with his parents camera. Birds are now replaced by fishes and underwater modeling, and the photo studio gave way digital photo editing,  with the same passion for creating beautiful images. 

Seadrops is proudly sponsored by Eliossub wetsuits.